Black History Month- what it means to me


Excerpts from an article by Monmouthshire Lib Dem campaigner Ian J Prince.


When I first think of Black history, it automatically takes me back to the lessons on the Bantu civilisation taught in my native Kenya.  I think about Dr Richard Leakey who excavated the first bones of Homo erectus, ‘the Turkana Boy’. Kenya is considered the cradle of humankind. My pride and happiness soon turns to bewilderment to why these subjects are not taught in schools. I then realise, if you want to learn about Dr Leakey, then you must also learn about the British Empire, slavery, the many wars for independence and colonialism. The next thing I think about is how can I get Black history to be taught in schools here?

Black history month is a time for remembrance, appreciation, and learning. A time for communities to come together and celebrate their differences. In any other time, I would be hosting a BBQ for my neighbours. This is a time to remember Black heroes like my grandfather, Mr Paul Kamau Gitucha and all the Africans who fought for the British army in WWII. All the BAME who have given their lives for the Queen and country.  I must also remember to be flexible, and patient because some people do not know how to talk to me due to the education system letting them down.

As Prince Harry says, “this is the time to introduce Brits to other Brits”

(Find the full article HERE)

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