Climate Emergency Motion for Chepstow

In May this year Lib Dem County Councillor Jo Watkins from Caldicot brought a Climate Emergency Motion to Monmouth county council, which was passed.

Now Lib Dems want a similar Emergency motion to be passed by Chepstow town council. St Mary’s County Councillor Jez Becker says: “Greta Thunberg has managed to bring the world’s attention to the appalling dangers of climate change in an amazing way. We must not let her down.”

Caroline Duchet adds: “What sort of a world will our grandchildren face? It is truly frightening.”

Alison Willott, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate, says, “Tackling climate change is one of the top priorities for the Lib Dems, as well as getting Brexit out the way. We will plant 60 million trees, make houses carbon-neutral, and give a big kick-start to change over cars, vans and lorries to electric. We will set a target to reach net-zero by 2045, ban fracking, and provide more support for solar and wind."

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