Corbyn's anti-business agenda no good for Wales

Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-business agenda is the exact opposite of what Wales needs, says Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Despite Labour pledging that Jeremy Corbyn would visit Wales once a month, today (19 November 15) will be his first visit since his election as leader (over 60 days ago).

Kirsty Williams AM said:

“Under Corbyn, the Labour party is completely shambolic.  The only coherent narrative Labour currently has is that they are anti-ambition, anti-enterprise, and anti-business.  This is the exact opposite of what Wales needs.

“Under Labour, Wales is the only part of the UK where average wages are decreasing.  We need ambition and fresh ideas, not the politics of Jeremy Corbyn trying to drag us back even further backwards.  

“People want a vibrant Welsh economy with real job opportunities so they can get on in life. Welsh Liberal Democrats will help empower business to thrive in Wales, creating the high-value jobs that will finally get our economy moving.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the only party that knows a fair, liberal and sustainable economy is essential to enable people to succeed and to shape their own future.”



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