Labour playing Russian roulette with economy

Labour would borrow £70bn more than the Liberal Democrats in the next parliament as Ed Miliband again refused to give a specific date when he would balance the books during their manifesto launch.

Responding to Labour’s manifesto launch, Veronica German parliamentary candidate for Monmouth said: "By failing to set a clear timetable for when they plan to finish the job of balancing the books, Labour is playing Russian roulette with Britain’s economy.

"Despite being the party that doubled national debt and that saw unemployment rise by nearly half a million, it would seem that Labour still don’t get it.

"Whichever way they dress it up, their plans would mean borrowing £70bn more than is necessary and would drag austerity out for years to come."

On Labour’s plans for devolution, Veronica added:

"Labour’s manifesto has simply reiterated that the Liberal Democrats are the only party offering real fair funding for Wales. By committing to a minimum funding floor, Labour has merely signed up to a Coalition policy.

"The Liberal Democrat would go even further than a minimum funding floor. We would commission work to calculate how much Wales is underfunded by, and we would then top-up Wales’ budget. Only then will Wales have fair funding.  

"We have repeatedly called on the Labour party to pledge to fully implement the recommendations put forward by the cross-party Silk Commission. They have failed to do that today. Again, Labour’s pick and mix approach to devolution would leave Wales behind."


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