Lib Dems secure an extra £109,000 for Monmouthshire

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today secured agreement from the Welsh Government that cuts to Monmouthshire Council will be mitigated.

The Finance Minister announced today that Monmouthshire will get an extra £109,000 in the Local Government Settlement.

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has had several meetings with the Finance Minister to make the case for a grant to assist rural areas such as Monmouthshire.

Veronica German, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for Monmouth, said:

“I am delighted that the Welsh Lib Dems have secured this money for Monmouthshire as well as extra funding for Powys and Ceredigion.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been clear from the very beginning that there was absolutely no way these unfair cuts could be carried through. We made a stand on behalf of our rural communities and I am pleased we have been able to deliver for them.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to lead the fight for a better funding deal for our communities.

“The Conservatives have been very cynical in their attempts to mislead people over this issue. This has been yet another episode when they have 100% failed to deliver for rural people. The Tories may seek the media headlines, but not once did they lift a finger to actually mitigate these cuts. As always, they have shown themselves to be an ineffectual opposition and a wasted vote.

“While today’s announcement is welcome, the Welsh Liberal Democrats believe there needs to be a complete review of the funding formula to deliver a fairer deal for rural areas.”

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